Vbet Mirror of the official website of the bookmaker Vbet

VBet is an offshore betting company (BC) banned in the Russian Federation. In order for Russian users to bet in the office, there are up-to-date working VBet mirrors on the Web. How to find a copy of a prohibited site and what threatens its use, we will analyze in this material.

VBet mirror
VBet mirror

Reason for blocking in Russia

VBet's gaming assortment includes sections with casinos, live casinos, poker and slots. These gambling entertainments, according to Russian legislation, carry information prohibited for distribution. As a result, the official website of the offshore bookmaker of computer and telephone versions was blocked by Roskomnadzor.

Actual VBet mirrors are also subject to a ban. A copy remains legal in the Russian Federation until it is discovered by the regulatory authority. Roskomnadzor spends a few hours to eliminate the mirror, since the law allows the liquidation of illegal resources without trial or investigation. For this reason, the office has ceased to develop copies of the official portal personally. Often, advanced betters are involved in the release of VBet mirrors.


What is a VBet mirror and what is its danger

To create a mirror, you need to completely copy the site and place it on a different domain address. The functionality of the copy is no different from the original.

The main danger of mirrors lies in the scammers who also develop them. Seekers of easy money lure inexperienced users into "fake" copies, after which they lure personal and banking data from customers. It is because of the large number of scammers that bookmakers do not recommend their players to contact mirrors.

How to find a VBet mirror

To switch to a copy of VBet, you need to enter a request in the search line of the Internet Explorer: "the current working VBet mirror for today." Next, experience plays a big role. The top of the issue will contain the necessary resources, informational materials on the topic of betting and fraudulent portals. Better need not make a mistake in choosing a site.

In order not to become a victim of intruders, sports betting fans prefer to look for a VBet mirror on the pages of authoritative sites.


Copy functionality

By accessing a copy of the official VBet portal, the user can:

  • register or log into an existing game account;
  • make all types of sports betting in pre-match and live modes;
  • have fun in the casino, live casino, bingo, poker, TV games, games, phishing, keno, cannon;
  • deposit and withdraw funds;
  • participate in the drawing of bonuses with and without promotional codes;
  • contact support;
  • undergo identification and verification;
  • download the program for devices on Android and iOS operating systems.

Alternative ways to bypass blocking

The best alternative to a VBet mirror is the Vbet mobile app. It also completely copies the functionality of the main portal and does not require the use of anonymizers or other tools to bypass blocking. Additional benefits of the program include:

  • Practicality. You can place bets anytime, anywhere.
  • Work with a weak Internet. The application eats up the minimum, in comparison with the desktop site and the mobile version of the portal, the amount of traffic.

In addition to the VBet mirror and mobile application, the following will help you access the bookmaker's resources:

  • anonymizers;
  • Internet explorers like TOR;
  • proxy servers.



The use of illegal sites and their copies is prohibited by law, but today the regulatory authorities do not catch the betters-violators by the hand. It should also be taken into account that organizations like TsUPIS will not help Russian players in disputes with illegal companies.

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