FavBet Mirror of the official website of the FavBet bookmaker

Offshore bookmaker (BC) FavBet was founded in 1999 in Ukraine. Until 2009, the company could legally make sports bets at land-based betting shops (PPS) in Russia. However, after FavBet was accused of violating financial discipline, the betting shop was closed, as their further activities could undermine the authority of Russian bookmaking.

In 2014, FavBet online resources were also banned. The official website of the desktop and mobile versions was banned in the Russian Federation for the presence of prohibited information in the form of casinos, live casinos, poker, bingo and other gambling entertainment. As a result, today Russian betters cannot play FavBet without an up-to-date working mirror. What is it and how to find it, we will analyze in this article.

favbet mirror
favbet mirror

What is a FavBet mirror?

The mirror of FavBet, like any other site, is its complete copy, hosted on the Internet on a conditionally legal domain. The mirror remains legal until it is discovered by Roskomnadzor. Since the copy of the bookmaker carries the same information prohibited for distribution, it is also subject to blocking. Moreover, the supervisory authority does not need to apply to the investigating authorities and the court. He has all the powers to independently make a decision that is disappointing for an illegal office.

How to find a FavBet mirror?

Searching for a copy of an offshore company is carried out in three clicks:

  • the Internet browser opens;
  • in the search it is written: “the actual working mirror of FavBet for today”;
  • opens a link from the top of the search result.

Or even easier - by clicking the button below:


Mirror capabilities

A copy of the official website of the bookmaker completely repeats the functionality of the original. With a mirror, you can:

  • register or log in;
  • complete the identification of the account in the Personal Account and send scans of documents for verification;
  • make sports bets and enjoy gambling entertainment;
  • deposit and withdraw funds with all available payment instruments;
  • receive and wager bonuses;
  • contact support;
  • watch broadcasts of events;
  • view results and statistics.

An alternative to the actual mirror

Bypassing the ban of the official FavBet portal will help not only its copy. The most convenient way to get direct access to the bookmaker is to download a mobile application for Android and iOS devices. You can find the installation apk file on the bookmaker's website. iOS device users can install the application directly from the official App Store.

Other alternatives to the current mirror include anonymizers, proxy servers, and explorers like the TOR browser.


Who makes mirrors

Copies can be developed by both offices and their clients. Most of the mirrors on the web are the work of advanced betters. Bookmakers do not like to issue copies, as they spend much more time on their development than Roskomnadzor on blocking.

Frequently asked Questions

Is it legal to use mirrors of illegal companies?

No, however, in Russia they are not yet prosecuted for betting in illegal betting shops and their mirrors.

Why is the bookmaker's website not working?

The snag can be not only in blocking. If the office works legally, the reasons for the lack of access may be: technical work on the portal, hacker or DDOS attack, testing of the security service, or problems with the user's device / Internet.

When will FavBet start working legally in Russia?

Nobody has an answer to this question. In the near future, changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation in favor of illegal betting shops are not expected.

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