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In June 2017, the information field was blown up by the news that a foreign bookmaker with a worldwide reputation would officially work in Russia. The probability of such an event was previously estimated by many players as quite low. There were many reasons for such skepticism, including ambiguous gambling legislation and the highest entry price.

The louder were the words of Dmitry Sergeev, the ex-executive director for development of Rambler & Co, at a press conference specially convened in Moscow for journalists.

Dmitry Sergeev
Dmitry Sergeev
There will be a foreign bookmaker on the Russian betting market, and this is the most authoritative bwin in the world ranking table!

The news was immediately overgrown with details of the appearance of bwin in Russia and provided food for numerous forecasts on the further operation of the bwin betting brand.


Brief information about the bookmaker bwin

  • Domain name: bwin.ru
  • Operating in Russia under the license of the Federal Tax Service dated March 4, 2016 No. 31
  • Member of the 1st SRO
  • Payments: FIRST TSUPIS
  • Legal information: Digital Betting LLC

From the open information voiced, which was later confirmed, it was not bwin that entered the Russian market, but its franchise version for Russia, where the parent company provides the technology platform. the whole complex of works on trading and risk management.

And the bookmaker's version was not successful. Something went wrong. Cause analysis is the business of experts. But just as the bwin.ru players did not like it - the company offered some of the worst odds for the Russian player among its competitors, so the owners did not make due efforts to win a significant share of the Russian betting market.

Dmitry Sergeev himself, who left bwin.ru in 2019 and moved as CEO to Parimatch, sees the reason as follows:

Dmitry Sergeev
Dmitry Sergeev
The budget of the Russian bwin franchise was poorly planned, and the owner of Rambler & Co, Alexander Mamut, renewed his partnership with the betting company Fonbet and was not very interested in promoting bwin

bwin bookmaker numbers

As of November 2017, bwin's customer base was about 10,000 users, as of May 2020 it was 68,000 active users. The company was able to take only 0.25% of the Russian betting market.

In the summer of 2020, bwin.ru was taken over by the Cypriot company Nirevia Holdings Ltd, which is associated with Advivo Holdings, which owns a stake in the betting company Pari-Match.

On February 15, 2021, the history page of bwin, as an official bookmaker in Russia, was closed - the bookmaker brand officially announced its withdrawal from the Russian betting market.

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