Why does not go to BetWinner? Reasons for lack of access

BetWinner / BetWinner is an international bookmaker (BC), which entered the online betting market in 2018. You can become a client of the company through the official computer and mobile versions of the site, as well as using the BetWinner application for gadgets on Android and iOS platforms. At times, bookmaker users ask the question: why does not go to BetWinner. In this material, we list all the possible reasons for the lack of access.

Why does not go to BetWinner?
Why does not go to BetWinner?

Why does not go to BetWinner: a problem from the BC

The first thing Russian bettors should know is that BetWinner is banned in Russia. As a result, it will not be possible to get to the BetWinner website without using an up-to-date working mirror, VPN services or other tools to bypass the blocking. If you can’t access the bookmaker’s mobile app, a VPN service will also help.

Other reasons for lack of access:

  • technical work on the portal. If the bookmaker needs to carry out a major update or check the operation of the security service, the BetWinner site may be disconnected from the main server;
  • hacker attack. If attackers try to hack the resource, the company's security service will block access for all users;
  • DDOS attack. When a bettor visits the BetWinner website and notices that images are not loading well or not loading, there are problems with pop-ups and other functionality, you need to give the bookmaker time to eliminate the DDOS attack;
  • critical load. BetWinner is a very popular bookmaker whose services are used by hundreds of thousands of bettors. The simultaneous influx of an impressive part of the client base to the portal is another reason why people do not visit BetWinner. The main server can't handle the load.

Often, the office quickly eliminates the reasons for the lack of access to resources that depend on it. Betters have no choice but to be patient and wait a bit.


Why does not enter BetWinner: a problem on the part of the user

It happens that there are no problems in the operation of the site, but the client still cannot access it. What is the reason then:

  • Internet problems. You need to check if the network cable is damaged, if the router is working and if the Internet is simply paid. To check, the better can try to enter the portal through the phone using the mobile network;
  • the device is infected with viruses. If the computer or gadget from which the player is trying to access BetWinner is infested with viruses, the bookmaker's security service will block access;
  • the date and time settings are wrong. It is unlikely that you will be able to enter the portal of an office from the distant past;
  • malfunctions in the computer or gadget.

Among other techniques for resuming access to the site, they often use clearing the cache and incognito mode in the browser.

Separately, we note that violators of the rules of the game with BetWinner may permanently lose access to the bookmaker's resources. Here, only contacting the support service will help, which will clarify whether the better can count on forgiveness.

When not accessing BetWinner through the mobile app, despite using a VPN service, uninstalling and reinstalling the program often helps.

If the information provided above did not help the player and he did not violate anything, you need to contact the representatives of the bookmaker.



In conclusion, we note that sometimes it is impossible to enter the portal or the BetWinner application due to the loss of data for authorization. In this case, in the "Login" tab, you need to click on "Forgot your password?". You can recover both the password and the login. The company will provide the user with detailed instructions on how to resume access to the personal account.

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