BaltBet TOTO — Totalizator (super express) of Baltbet betting company

BaltBet/BaltBet is a bookmaker's office (BC) operating in two domain zones. .ru operates a company licensed in Russia that cooperates with TsUPIS, SROs and other regulatory organizations and bodies. In ".com" there is an offshore bookmaker "BaltBet", which is banned in the Russian Federation. The lines, odds and margins of both sites are identical. Also, Russian and offshore portals offer bettors to play Baltbet TOTO. How to find a tote and what features it has, we will analyze in this material.

Baltbet TOTO
Baltbet TOTO

How to find

The section with TOTO on the official website and in the bookmaker's mobile application is called "Superexpress". It is fixed in the "header" of the main page - a strip with the main game sections.

BaltBet TOTO
BaltBet TOTO

Features of BaltBet TOTO

The totalizator in "BaltBet" consists of 15 football and hockey matches. The client of the office needs to predict the outcome of each of the games. There are three options: a victory for one of the teams or a draw. If all elections of the super express are passed, the better becomes the owner of the majority of the prize fund - the "Super Prize". At the time of writing (July 2021), it was 769 thousand rubles.

Users who guess from nine to 14 outcomes will also receive a share of the prize fund. The rules for calculating winnings are extremely simple: the more successful selections, the more money the better will receive.

You can play BaltBet TOTO around the clock, except for the absence of football matches. Super express trains are allowed for customers who have been identified by filling in all empty fields in the Personal Account.


What events participate in TOTO is determined by its organizer represented by the office. One lottery draw is called a draw. The circulation will start together with the first choice of superexpress. To participate in BaltBet TOTO, a BC client needs to make 15 predictions, enter the bet amount and issue a coupon.

The player can bet at least 30 rubles per draw, the maximum bet amount is not set. If eight or less selections have been played in the super express, the game on the totalizator is considered failed.

When going to the BaltBet TOTO section, the client sees events from the top draw. To view all available super expresses, you need to click on the "All" tab.

BaltBet TOTO
BaltBet TOTO

How to win at TOTO

There is one very simple, but not cheap strategy for successful play on TOTO. Better makes as many bets as possible so that the most unpredictable events are guaranteed to play. The cost of super express will increase significantly, however, along with them, the probability of participating in the Super Prize draw will also increase.

It's no secret that the bookmaker is interested in losing predictors. As a result, matches of second-rate championships are selected for BaltBet TOTO, in which there is no clear favorite. This complicates the better's task, as you have to delve into unpopular championships, doing in-depth analysis.


The difference between Baltbet TOTO and regular sports betting

How TOTO differs from playing in prematch and live lines:

  • there are no coefficients in super express, the amount of winnings depends on the prize pool;
  • the totalizator does not allow you to know in advance the amount of the winnings, since it depends on the number of winners;
  • Only P1, X and P2 bets are available in TOTO;
  • the better cannot choose events for the super parlay;
  • for an absolute victory in TOTO, in addition to winning the elections, a "Super Prize" is paid.


The Russian version of BaltBet has been operating in the legal field relatively recently, but it already has hundreds of thousands of users. This is the direct merit of the sweepstakes, because not every bookmaker can boast of it.

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